By Simon Perona
19 September
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Please see below message from Club Committee


With the exception of Paul Blackall and Steve Brown all referees on the Club's referees list are U16. Following two incidents last week involving opposition coaches / parents shouting at the referees, the Club Welfare Officers (Daniel Mander and Steve Brown) will be monitoring games this week and at various times during the season.

However, the Committee acknowledges that the majority of referees our teams encounter, in all three leagues that we play in (BYDL, EBFA and BCGFL), are young referees starting out on a route that may end up on the national and or international stage, but the majority will be lost to University or more often as a result of the abuse they receive from the touchline.

The Committee would like to remind all our coaches, players and supporters that CTFC accept the referee’s decisions and don’t question or appeal for decisions, even if we disagree with the decision in our subjective and sometimes biased eyesight.

In the eyes of the FA constant harassment (i.e. constantly calling out ‘ref’ or ‘that was a foul ref’ is abuse of a minor and where opposition clubs or our own members overstep the mark the Club will take appropriate action.

All we should hear from the touchline is positive comments of encouragement both towards referees and both sets of players.

The Club follows the FA Codes of Conduct that can be found on this website (link below)

FA Codes of Conduct & Guidelines

Separate codes exist for coaches, players, spectators and match officials.

There is also a useful video reminder attached here.

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